Tuesday, March 10, 2015

V/A - Land Of Nod: Atlanta Punk And Hardcore Omnibus

Label: Scavenger Of Death

This one is a few years old, and unfortunately a fair amount of the bands have departed this mortal coil, but fortunately a lot have reassembled into newer, weirder, wilder permutations of their fallen kin. Lovingly assembled by Greg "Goat Ravisher" King (who appears more than once in different bands here) and Ryan Bell in tribute to both the city's under appreciated underground, and the long lineage of Japanese flexi thrash compilations.
A lot of these bands have been written about previously in these (digital) pages, so some readers may be familiar with the names. But in the interest of those of you who live outside the sound of my voice, there's a decent chance you missed this one when it was new. And, that's a shame now, isn't it?
Maximum volume maximum carnage.

The Bands:
Bukkake Boys - scathing hardcore that comes at you like a Void/Necros hate-child
Ralph - quick fast turn and burn hardcore blast
Predator - seems like a lost Subhumans track, but they aren't from England...which is weird.
Maniac - ripping death that gets its thrashing crusty
GG King - punchy, with a nod to '77 era punkers and '80 era post punkers and '90 era garage punkers
GHB - some Agent Orange and Adolescents given a post punk spin
COPS - layered stabs of Wire, but with added weed
Wymyns's Prysyn - an SGM favorite, destructo rock hellfire
God's Balls - grinding no-fi death metal, with mother-approved moniker!
Gentleman Jesse - the friendliest of the bunch, mod powered punk burner that's over before you want
COPS - possible "favorite song on record", semi-droning lurcher punk.
Acid Freaks - soundtrack to your next knife fight
God's Balls - death metal as heard fro under your floorboards
Vincas - throwing a bit of noise psych into their oversaturated punk rock to blow speakers accordingly
Predator - Germs-y to the max but not without some Teen Idles to boot
Shaved Christ - go fast and hurt yourself
Bukkake Boys - first wave hardcore cooked in a blast furnace to perfection
Maniac - continued velocity riffing and rolling
GG King - aneurysm inducing puke punk that gets other vote for "favorite song on record"


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