Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Red Cross - Red Cross

Label: Posh Boy
Year: 1981

Riding that 80's nostalgia train for another post, this time veering into southern California punk (before  that descriptor was so bastardized to mean only Fat Records minted pop-punk dreck). Good time punk, to pair with what we are currently experiencing in Atlanta, Georgia (USA), good time weather. The brief window at the beginning of Spring before the oppressive Summer sun bakes our humidity soaked brains into oblivion, when the temperature is near perfect, the sun is shining and the time change means you can drink beers on the front porch until 8:00pm before it gets too dark to find your coozy.
This is a quick, six song fix of near perfection. Ideal for being outside and doing not much of anything.
The band changed from "Red Cross" to "Red Kross" later on, but this is the O.G. version. Punchy, and darkly melodic.
On this recording you're dealing with an un-fuckwithable lineup of: Jeff McDonald (married to a not bad) on vocals, Steve McDonald (OFF!, Anarchy 6) on bass, Greg Hetson (Circle Jerks, Bad Religion) on guitar, and Ron Reyes (nee Chavo Pederast of Black Flag) on drums.
Go outside!


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