Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Uniform - Demo 1

Label: Self released
Year: 2014

Another Atlanta band made from other Atlanta bands, but in this case, Atlanta bands that we have previously mentioned in this very space. Remember the Dasher post that was right here? Or the Wymyns Prysyn posts from here, or here? Remember?
Well, Uniform has personnel from both those bands, as well as Sluggo and others that I neither know or remember.
Musically, they are pulling a streamlined, loud and menacing hardcore sound through the darker corners of the genre. It's never chunky, and there's nary a mosh part to be seen. These has those wiry and taught riffs that draw from a particularly British post-punk tradition and then rev them up and mutate them into noisy stabbing motions. They claim a Rudimentary Peni influence, which, sure, yeah. I hear some Dead And Gone, some Young Ginns, and a little VSS. I almost said "for a more contemporary reference point", until I remembered that all those bands are pushing 20 years old themselves. Sheesh. Getting old.
Point is, this demo fills a certain niche for warped, paranoid, distorted, bracing music that you most likely mostly like. It's good.


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blackcoffee83 said...

It's Slugga, not Sluggo. ;)

Long time fan of the blog. Keep up the good work!


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