Monday, February 9, 2015

Retox + Whores + Lazer/Wulf + Mtn Isl - The Earl, Atlanta, GA 02-17-15

Could be the next public outing (not that I'm coming out of the closet...yet).
Whores always deliver the goods, so it's worth it to see them alone. Mtn Isl is one of my favorite new(ish) bands who come correct with the good and burly noise rock. I'm sorta on the fence with theory I should like them, but there's something I'm not getting. Yet. Maybe. I would imagine that in a live setting they will bring the thunder in an appropriate manner, so I'm sure I'll be a proper convert after the show. Hopefully. And Lazer/Wulf...well...that's a good time to head out front and order some food. Too busy and Guitar-Center-techy for my tastes, but if you like it noodle and heavy, then you'll be into it. I guess.
So...should be a good one?

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