Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Meth Mountain - Discography

Label: Self Aware
Year: 2010

Besides having one of the better monikers of recent memory, Meth Mountain also trafficked in some of the best grungy post hardcore blasts of rock music this side of 1993. So, if you have been enjoying Metz or Pissed Jeans or Double Dagger as of late, then Meth Mountain will fit right in to your afternoon.
It's loose and thrashing (not "Thrash" with a capital T, but thrashing as in manically moving about) in the best of ways. No rough edges have been polished here, and that would miss the point anyway, wouldn't it?
There's a Nirvana cover and a Black Flag cover, which you could say bookends the band's approach (early period Nirvana and late period Black Flag to be precise).


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