Friday, January 30, 2015

White Shit - White Shi'ite 7"

Label: Wantage USA
Year: 2010

Remember a few years back when dudes starting remembering a few years back and remembered their hardcore roots? You got a band like OFF! putting on an open casket funeral for Black Flag, and you got a band like White Shit ripping through blasted shards of broken glass.
Not that the guys in White Shit (or OFF! for that matter) ever denied their hardcore roots, or even necessarily left them behind, but this band was a blatant homage to the joy that comes with stripping down and wailing away. It never goes out of style.
The band is (was?) Coady Willis of Murder City Devils, Big Business, Melvins, and Dead Low Tide. Andy Coronado of Monorchid, Wrangler Brutes, Skull Kontrol, and Nazti Skinz (the riffs here sound a lot like a continuation of Wrangler Brutes if that helps), Jared Warren of Karp, Big Business, The Whip, Tight Bros From Way Back When, and Melvins, and Julian Peeke from Bipolar Bear and The Pope. Heavy hitters.


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