Thursday, January 29, 2015

Libraness - Yesterday And Tomorrow's Shells

Label: Tiger Style
Year: 2000

Libraness = Ash Bowie
Ash Bowie = Polvo, Helium
Polvo, Helium = enough said.

If you are in the market for more of Polvo's fractured angles, and you are a fan of Ash Bowie's vocal style, then you're going to be in luck here. Sure, it's a solo record, so there's much less bombast, but surprisingly still very intricate interplay between musical parts. It's density is constantly shapeshifting.
Outside of the Polvo sound, you might pick up on some Brainiac styled kraut-noise, some of the later Archers Of Loaf playful weirdness, some of Lou Barlow's pop damage, and some of Beck's earliest fucked-folk experiments.
All together it's a hypnotic listen.
From what I gather, these recordings date as far back as 1992, some meant as sketches of future Polvo songs, some simple first take experiments. In less talented hands, this would be a jumbled mess, but within the realm of a guy like Ash Bowie who's creativity and musical dexterity seems to know no bounds, this collection is essential.



Anonymous said...

Such a great album. They played a show in Raleigh a couple of years ago during the Hopscotch music fest. Tiny crowd, but they did a killer version of "Little Black Egg."

Erif Der said...

This is badass.

Anonymous said...

link is dead, any chance for a re-up please? thanks

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