Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gorch Fock - Lying and Manipulating

Label : Australian Cattle God
Year : 2005

Gorch Fock was another amazing band from Austin. A noise-rock super group (members of Starfish, Butthole Surfers, Boxcar Satan, Tia Carrera) that consisted of 6 (and sometimes) 7 members. Two drummers One thundering bass player, two guitar players, one baritone and sampler guy, and a lead singer that wore a sailor outfit and played the trombone. Billy Anderson (producer of bands like Melvins, Sleep, Buzz-oven, Mr. Bungle etc) called them Trombosis, because at times they do sound like Neurosis.
They would also have films projected on them while they were playing by none other than Lori Varga who also was the projectionist for The Butthole Surfers for quite a few years. I remember one show where they built a crows nest and set it up in the middle of the club while the singer did the entire set from there.

Musically it's a blend of influences like Melvins, Cows, Jesus Lizard, Chrome, Neurosis, Scratch Acid, & Alice Donut (who yours truly booked them with at CBGB ... one of my proudest moments)

I could go on and on...fuck that... how bout some music.

Here an article I wrote about then when I was living in Austin.
One of the first things I ever wrote, and full of grammatical errors.


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Anonymous said...

highly recommended for butthole surfers fans acid punk at its best thanks for this!

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