Friday, November 14, 2014

Division Of Laura Lee - At The Royal Club

Label: Arabesque
Year: 1999

This release is posted in honor of Division Of Laura Lee putting out a new record (last year) 5 years after their last new record, which was in and of itself 4 years after the new record before it....phew. Slow and steady wins the race I guess.

So 'At The Royal Club' is a compilation of tracks from the early days of the band's career. Songs are culled from their split 7" with Milemarker, their split 7" with Impel, their debut 7" from 1997, and a few from an otherwise unreleased session recorded in 1998.

Musically, you're dealing with D.C. based post hardcore given a Scandinavian lesson in rock-n-roll efficiency (ostensibly assembled with only a hex wrench [Ikea joke!]). So, like, Frodus and Bluetip mixed with Refused. Pretty much.

(sorry about the cover art quality up there)


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