Friday, November 14, 2014


Label : Bootleg Cassette 
Year : 2013
Favorite Somg - Army Man

 I have never seen a band so ripe to picked up by a major label. Especially if you take into consideration these guys were peaking in the mid 90's when the music industry was still signing bands like this. Had El Flaco had the proper people in their corner and if the had been promoted right, no doubt in my mind they would have been huge. Regularly you would hear their songs on the jukebox in places like Emo's and Lovejoy's. If they had toured more they may have caught the right ears. The songs "Unflappable" and "Sister" were both in regular rotation on most Texas radio stations.

I can't confirm what these guys wanted, cause they broke up towards the tail end of the 90's. Two full length's (Flub, and El Pee) and a couple of singles and they were done. They all were smart guys and this just may have been their thing while they were in college, I rarely bumped into these guys (except the drummer) on a regular basis to know more about them. The last year of their existence as a band were some of the best shows I had ever seen them do.  

They stood out from a lot of the other bands at that time, but were still able to play with some of the noisier bands from the 90's Austin scene and people loved them just fine.

(I've seen to lost my copy of "El Pee", if you have a copy send me a message here and we can do some kind of dropbox or soulseek session. 

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