Saturday, November 15, 2014

LA MACHINE - Phases & Repetitions

Label : Castle Face
Year :2014

You could label it as post-punk, or you could go with good ole fashioned drug music.. 

These tunes are of  a recording they made in 2000. John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees, Coachwhips, and owner of Castle Face Records describes the record  "heavy on a spastic drone, with a basic groove to keep it’s haunting kraut-rock infused vibe afloat. Would Phases and Repetition have gone over well at a party in the mid-‘90s, where everyone in attendance is presumably stoned out of their tree." Also,  the drummer was in Six Finger Satellite for their reunion gigs. 

 This is a bass driven record, as there is no guitar, just repetitive bass lines against drums, with lots of weird effects on the vocals throughout. It does have a bit of a kraut-rock feel to it, but it reminds more of early Chrome. So if you are a fan of post-punk drone and lsd soaked weirdness, this is for you.


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Anonymous said...

Bassist is drummer from 6FS, also played guitar on last 6FS record/reunion.

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