Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cosmic Psychos - Blokes You Can Trust (Documentary)

I had the pleasure of seeing The Cosmic Psychos sometime in the late 90's (97 if my memory serves me right) and they kicked my ass. They ended up staying at my place which turned into a late night maylay of drunken buffoonery. Right before we were all calling it a night, Ross had asked could he take a shower. My room mate at the time was female and I will never forget the scream she let out when she was letting herself  in to the apartment and saw Ross standing there in the living room in nothing but his speedo's. It took a few minutes of me laughing so hard to explain to her that we had a band staying with us. OOPS!! ... oh yeah and check out this awesome documentary about The Cosmic Psychos as well. There is a .mp4 of the film here if you llike - $landerbob.


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