Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Street Sects - The Morning After The Night We Raped Death

Label: self released
Year: 2014

A member of this band was generous enough to send along an actual hardcopy of this 7", which is the first in a five part series that will eventually be compiled into "Gentrification: A Serial Album", which has a running conceptual them of...wait for it...gentrification. But probably not the way you may think. It's not about double-income-no-kids gay couples moving into downtrodden neighborhoods that boast a backbone of well built 1920's Craftsmen homes and an underutilized commercial node that would be just perfect for a coffee shop, and possibly an artisanal personal trainer's studio (of course), eventually pricing out the current (if not original, but probably not) residents who are now cashing out (or at least their landlords are cashing out) and being forced further out of the city center to even more downtrodden neighborhoods with less of a backbone of anything.
No, not what this record is about.
This is about a swarming mechanical headfuck of unrelenting attack. It's very much an alien music, if in fact you accept that it's music in the first place. There's some of the chaotic almost-hardcore of Phantomsmasher (who's James Plotkin mastered this very record), some of the debris sifting industrial of Haters, and some of the confrontational bombast of Boyd Rice, all performed from within the cold dark house that Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV built. Unsettled for the unrestrained. File under: The Opposite Of Easy Listening and listen proudly.


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Nacho said...

this is FUCKING GOOD. thanks

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