Monday, February 3, 2014

Frodus - F-Letter

Label: Magic Bullet
Year: 2003

Point of clarification: this is a reissue of an album originally released in 1996 by Art Monk Construction and Lovitt Records, but Magic Bullet was kind enough to add four tracks to the end that are exclusive to this release. Further point of clarification: two of those four exclusive tracks are jokey 13 and 33 second long..."songs". Final point of clarification: both versions are currently out of print.
This, earlier, Frodus doesn't get as much "love" (as the kids once said, or still do say..don't keep up) as their last two albums did, as the band started morphing into weirder and more "post" post hardcore, but I tend to listen more to this era of the band. It's more straight forward, less of the pomp and circumstance of the later stuff, which, while fun at that time, the whole "branding" and back stories, and philosophies and whatnot...well, they seem quaint now (the music never suffered mind you).
But this album gets straight to the heart of their beloved District Of Columbia and all her quirky post hardcore scree. I respect that.


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James Joyce said...

I think I may still have their demo tape they sent me when they tried to book a show at the Driverdome with Sweep the Leg Johnny. They wanted $100 to play, which is not unreasonable but we don't give bands guarantees for a house show. They ended up playing with Hose Got Cable and Avail at the Somber Reptile that night, so it worked out for the best in the end.

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