Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Raw Radar War - Double Equals

Label: Shifty / Traktor 7
Year: 2006

Hey, look who's still alive...me. Sort of. Technically.

When life has you down, my prescription is 10cc of Kentucky bourbon, 75cc of obnoxiously loud hate music (please see the attached Raw Radar War album for your convenience), and 5cc fart jokes. Administer internally three times daily and get plenty of rest.

This particular brand of medicinal grade throat punching noise, is brought to you by Jonah Jenkins, the voice of Only Living Witness, Milligram, Milltown, Blind Surgeon, and 5ive (on rare occasion), along with his buddies from heavy hitters Toetag, Kozik, and OHM. Which basically means you're getting a that good time d-beat crusty hardcore that Cursed reanimated from His Hero Is Gone who reanimated it from Amebix, but given a thorough "sludging up", courtesy of the Milligram school of everything thicker than everything else.
It's bound to get that cold, dead heart of yours up and running again, and in the mood for romance. Look out ladies!



Nick the quick said...

Could you re up Raw Radar War - Double Equals ?

Anonymous said...

any chance of a reup?

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