Thursday, September 12, 2013

V/A - In Memory Of Jason

Label: Monopoly
Year: 1996

Man, a double lp  compilation album is a tough proposition, you gotta really have some choice material to fill that thing out. I'll let you be the judge if Jason's memory has been honored or befouled.

The bands:
Rice - Chain Of Strength covering Infest and adding a horn part
Godheadsilo - A traffic jam as recorded on the CB radio of the trucker plowing through the commute
Reach Out - screaming San Diego styled blur, ex-John Henry West
Honeywell - spastic screeching that devolves into a needlessly drawn out piano based slow jam
Pottyface - lo fi core
Still Life - the very specific sound of mid-90's emo, off key singing and dynamics that lack all subtlety
Evergreen - a swirling Western-tinged relaxer
Driftwood - remember that "off-key" remark? Yeah.
Crash And Britany - jangly Dahlia Seed style girl-fronted emo that pays off in feedback drenched good times. Plus, ex-Yah Mohs. They get two songs, and the second one is noise.
Karp - live cut of I'd Rather Be Clogging...vocals come in a little hot, but you know, whatever.
The Saw - overwrought
Babyland - rocking electro junk, an underrated gem of the 1990's.
Angel Hair - they managed to do screamo style with panache and swing, one of the rare bands of that genre that have aged well (I'm looking at you T Tauri)
Jackbarber - I'm not real sure, these guys were real sure where this song was going, cause it never got there.
Clikatat Ikatowi - usually a dependable band, but this particular cut is a bit beat.


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