Sunday, September 8, 2013

White Wash - White Wash 7"

Label: Kill Someone You Hate
Year: 2012

You know what would would make a great name for a white power punk/oi band? White Wash! I mean, get it? To "white wash" something...makes total sense.
Wait, what? There IS a racist skinhead band called White Wash? They have a split with a band called Grinded Nig?! Jesus, that's...well..that's about what you would expect wouldn't you.
But ok, what if YOU'RE not racist, but you think the name White Wash would work for a straight ahead hardcore band playing like it's 1982 in 2013? A band that sounds like Negative Approach mixed with Antidote. Maybe a band that would have fit well on the New Breed cassette compilation of NYHC? Yeah. That works too. And guess what? Somebody else thought the same thing, and took that name and did just that. Raging hardcore, head down aggression, all killer no filler, and nary a race baiting or prejudiced lyric to boot (Doc Martin, no doubt)!


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