Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mercenary - Demo Tape

Label: Scavenger Of Death
Year: 2013

This weekend there was a reunion show for an old hardcore band called Regicide who hadn't played a show since the early days of 1997 (we killed it by the way...didn't miss a beat), and after that show a guy came up to me to introduce himself. He said he had seen Regicide once before when he was "nine or ten"(?!). Um, what? Where were your parents again? I HAVE a ten year old son, and lord knows, he ain't venturing into the sketchy parts of this metro unattended late at night to hang around ner'do wells and have his hearing permanently damaged by loud noise. Shit, my ten year old would be stoked to see fucking Katy Perry (full disclosure: as would I), he doesn't even know who Regicide is, and I'm in the fucking band!
So anyway...after the shock of that statement wore off, he went further to tell me he had been of late in the band Bukkake Boys. Now you're talking! I LOVE that band, and I let him know as such, to which he wholeheartedly agreed that, yes, that was a really, really good band. We chatted about them and hardcore in general for awhile, which was pleasant and upon parting he told me to check into his current band, Mercenary. A band that had a demo released by the drummer of Regicide (among a thousand other bands), the guy sitting next to me during this whole conversation. Well, alright, will do. Ex-Bukkake Boys sounds good to me!
And it will sound good to you as well. So long as you like eye-bulging, vein popping, full frontal assault, Negative Approach type hardcore. Which you should.

Highly recommended.



eraser said...

RSS doesn't work?

Gray said...

The link should take you to their Bandcamp page, where the demo is a free download.
I just tried it, and it worked for me.

eraser said...

RSS blog I mean, yesterday afternoon doesn't work, but now work again

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