Monday, September 23, 2013

Shotmaker - Mouse Ear (Forget Me Not)

Label: Troubleman Unlimited
Year: 1996

One of the few bands of this era and of this ilk that holds up under the cruel mistress of time. Most likely because, while there is some hardcore basis, they mined a more mathy/noise rock strain to help add heft and hooks to their middle 1990's emo stylings.
Maybe it's because they were Canadian?
Probably has more to do with the interplay between the rhythm section and the guitarist....but I'll go with "because they were Canadian".

See you at More Than Music 1995!


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Justin said...

What a great band! This was a big record amongst my circle of friends when it came out and listed to it almost every day. Since I was a little late to the party with these guys I never got to seem them live and was pretty bummed when they broke up/faded away. Happily I got to see a rare live performance from Three Penny Opera (Ex Shotmake band formed with other dudes playing similar stuff and totally worth a post on SGM)play a small show with 400 Years in Philly. Good shit, thank for the post!!

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