Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bodyfather - Bodyfather ep

Label: Money Pit Media
Year: 2013

Yes! This is the kind of shit I love finding, a great local band who know how to bring a big, swinging hammer of rocking bliss right square about my face!
There used to be a band in Atlanta called Bernard, who you're excused if you never heard of, but they did a great job of blending post hardcore urgency with catchy hooks and enough ballsy power to convince you of their intent. Well, Bodyfather resurrects the bloated corpse of Bernard and the guys push ahead with full force, this time with emphasis on propulsive noise rock. It's still catchy, it's still got power, and it will certainly appeal to your nerd friends and their Tar record collections.

I'm super stoked on this band right now, which by the transitive property of equality means you are too. Or will be soon. Or you should be.


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Anonymous said...

Really digging this one. Thanks for posting!

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