Sunday, June 2, 2013

yakuza - way of the dead

label: century media
released: 2002

my posting of the postman syndrome album down yonder made me think of this album

and now you can have it as well

i once saw these chicago-ites play the house of blues in new orleans...they opened the show...the other bands on the bill were lacuna coil and opeth...

lacuna coil=bleh
opeth=nap time

and that will be more than likely the only time you'll ever see those bands mentioned here

the other bands should've really opened for this band

what you get here is some jazzy metal...

metal because it's metal

jazzy because there's some skronky sax-o-mo-phone involved (think john zorn...but not as extreme as naked city or painkiller)

you'd find this in the "avant garde" section of your local music store ("music store? what's that?")

do i really need to say more about this?


DL: way of the dead

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