Sunday, June 2, 2013

the ocean - aeolian

label: metal blade
released: 2006

and continuing on with the recent rash of non SGM related material....

the posting of both the postman syndrome and yakuza (namely because there's a combo of songs on their 2007 album PRECAMBRIAN that i like to call "the best yakuza song that yakuza didn't write"...and that combo would be "siderian/rhyacian") albums got me to thinking about this album

"why didn't you just post that album instead of this one?"'s a double i figured that you should be started out with something a little less double album-y

this is heavier than both of them combined (the above mentioned postman syndrome and yakuza albums)

but you shouldn't let that scare you off,kids

what you get here is some sludgyexperimentalmetal

the ocean are a "musical collective" from germany...and there are 11 members...with 7 different vocalists on this particular album (coalesce's sean ingram/converge's nate newton/breach's tomas hallbom among them)

so...has anything i've written done anything for you?

what about the melvins t-shirt i'm currently wearing?

or is that episode of HE-MAN currently on the tv more important? (just so you know...he-man and prince adam are the same person...BOOM!)

you know what....just do whatever you want

just clean up after yourself before you leave

DL: aeolian

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