Sunday, June 2, 2013

the postman syndrome - terraforming

label: now or never
released: 2002

simply put...

this is what tool would sound like if they stopped taking themselves so seriously and listened to more king crimson 

some of you may be saying "tool? king crimson? whaaaaat?"

and some of you may be saying "um...tool already sounds enough like king crimson! helllloooo!"

need more to go on?

i'll use some words i've heard elsewhere:

"they go from the foo fighters to the dillinger escape plan to sepultura...but all in the same song"

also...they have a song called "amputees make bad swimmers"

but they do make a pretty sweet flotation device 

this was the band's only album (well...unless you count the previously unreleased second album that got released after the band had split up that goes by the name of GOD RELIEVE OUR GRIEF: A MAUSOLEUM OF STILLBORN DEMOS...which was released back in 2010)

after the band split up...members went onto play in the bands east of the wall and biclops and day without dawn (which are all essentially the same band)

DL: terraforming

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