Sunday, June 2, 2013

human remains - using sickness as a hero

label: relapse
released: 1996

well...after successfully testing the waters with some brutal  truth...

i present you with some human remains (and it's not even your birthday)

the first time i'd heard this was via a sampler from relapse records

and that song was "weeding out the thorns"

it was the drums that got me hooked....some guy named dave witte....and he's played with a few bands you may or may not have heard of (bands with names like: black army jacket/melt banana/anodyne/birds of prey/discordance axis/burnt by the sun/municipal waste)

ah....dave witte...he who can do a one legged blast beat (hey,children of the corn...can your he who walks behind the rows do that?...i didn't think so)

moving on...

sadly...this is really the band's only release...i mean...yeah...they released a few demos and eps before this...and then there was the post-split up (they split up back in 1996) compilation called WHERE WERE YOU WHEN...but this is all you really need

after the split up...the band's bassist went onto play in burnt by the sun with mr. witte...their guitarist went onto play in deadguy (the post-tim singer version)...and their singer went onto play guitar in burnt by the sun for a short time (on their SELF-TITLED EP)...and the band's other guitarist went onto play is discordance axis and the post-discordance axis band gridlink

and now you know all of that

if'n you're a fan of bands like rorschach or deadguy or any of the other above mentioned bands...i think you know what to do....

DL: using sickness as a hero

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suicideofthescorpion said...

Thanks for this --- I heard 'weeding out the thorns' on the same sampler... great grindcore noisiness!

As I've commented before, SGM is the only thing worth a poop on the internet.

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