Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Metz + Odonis Odonis + Hawks + Liverhearts - Live 04-22-13 Atlanta

Lots of good, nay, great, shows in Atlanta recently or on the horizon. Tons. Hell, tomorrow night you got Thrones with Long Grey Mare (Hawks personnel), Whores just played, there's another Torche show coming up, Iceage, Mudhoney, Coliseum, The Men...and on and on.
But (insert "big butt" joke here), if you can only make it to one show in awhile, may I recommend the above mentioned Metz / Odoinis Odonis / Hawks / Liverhearts joint? Not a band bad in the lineup, including not one, but TWO of the best Atlanta bands in the game! The new Metz record has been in constant rotation, it's incredible.
It's a Monday night which kinda, sorta, definitely sucks, but I figure you can make the school night sacrifice every so often, and this one is worth it. Don't be like me and find a way to puss out at the last minute...fucking go. Make some new memories.


Anonymous said...

This kicks ass sans tote bag


Anonymous said...

fuck!,You USA lucky bastards for this great show ...

Anonymous said...

will go 2morrow morrow (deutsch-)land

greetings from berlin

& thank you very much for doing this!

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