Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Swine - Self Destroyer

Label: N/A
Year: 2013

Fuck yes. L-O-U-D and fooked. Apparently this is a one man (nut) jobber, which makes it even more impressive. It employs the use of a drum machine, which will get the inevitable Big Black comparison, but I would say there's more Ministry than Big Black (but it's probably more Pissed Jeans than either). There's a highly warped "cover" of Helmet's "In The Meantime" which is barely recognizable, as it's been overdriven into complete submission and the riffs seem to have been..."altered"...which is way more fun than just playing it, as Helmet already made their version readily available. All-in-all, a good, noisy, death ride that will most certainly not help you sleep anytime soon.



Nacho said...

congratulations to the author of this music. fantastic. yesterday i was playing the swine new record at a bar near my home where i often go with my friends to drink a beer. cheers!

eraser said...

we're back

Gray said...

Fuck yeah! All hail The Elementary Revolt!

Anonymous said...

I put The Swine - Self Destroyer to my Bookmarks folder right next to Pigs - You Ruin Everything. It was unintentional but I find it most appropriate.

aaron m. said...


it's me.

i am the maker of this thing and i just wanna say thanks so much for upping it! i seriously appreciate it. i haven't gotten as huge of a response to anything i've done before which is weird as hell to me to suddenly see a pretty substantial (to me) number of people actually download (and effin' pay for) something i've done. that's so awesome. so yeah, thanks a ton everyone who's listened, loved, hated, etc. you have all made me think that maybe i'm actually doing something right. maybe.


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