Thursday, April 18, 2013

Polvo - Today's Active Lifestyle

Label: Merge
Year: 1993

Do you need the refresher course on Gray's Top Ten North Carolina Bands again? Already. Don't you guys ever listen? Ugh. Fine.
1. Archers Of Loaf
2. Corrosion Of Conformity
3. Buzzoven
4. Polvo
5. The Raymond Brake
6. Naked Angels
7. Bitch Magnet
8. Regraped
9. Double Negative
10. Pipe
Honorable Mention: Blownapart Bastards, James Taylor, Subculture, Antiseen, Hellbender, Superchunk, Rights Reserved, Griver, Shatterhed, 700 Club, Well Nigh Forgotten, Confessor, Catharsis, Seven Foot Spleen, Avett Brothers, Small, Flat Duo Jets, Bloodmobile, The dbs, Stillborn Christians, No Labels, Weedeater, Sewer Puppet, Whiskeytown, Geezer Lake, Picasso Trigger,'s late.
Point being, fucking check out number 4 up there.



Nacho said...

i have this in vynil!

Waylon Smithers said...

Awesome album, in my opinion the best Polvo release. Can we have some Bastro? They're always named as similar but I never checked them out.

ian said...

Definitely one of the best from that area(maybe even better than the avett bros before hoes?). Damn, even posting the original album cover gives you some cred. I have the edited cover. Lame!

Werner X. Heisenberg said...

1. polvo
2. polvo
3. polvo
4. polvo
5. polvo
6. polvo
7. polvo
8. polvo
9. polvo
10. archers of loaf

get it straight!

Anonymous said...

1 Nirvana
2 Hole
3 Smashing Pumkings
5 Pearl Jam
6 Soundgarden
7 Talk Show
8 Brad
9 Mad Season
10 Polvo

fredxmertz said...

assfactor4? oh, thats SOUTH carolina.

Anonymous said...

Strange I've never heard of Polvo... I lived near Chapel Hill in the early 90's. I really like them, thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Shiny Beast, dude!


There was a pretty rad noise rock scene in Raleigh in the early 90s.

SSDS said...

Thanks. Regards from Brazil.

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