Tuesday, September 11, 2012

On - On

Label: Celebrate Psi Phenomenon
Year: 2006

I don't know much about this, but I think I know this much:
Celebrate Psi Phenomenon is a record label from New Zealand
On is a band from New Zealand (but maybe Australia)
Members were or are in bands She Camel Of God, Meat Market, and Zonds.
The music on this record will separate the wheat from the chaff. It is the n-o-i-s-e in noise rock, blown out to all hell, droning on a sustain of negativity, bumming all out within 50 paces.
Touchstones include Dead C, Bardo Pond, Rusted Shut, Sonic Youth, Royal Trux, Drunkdriver, Harry Pussy, a head cold, standing behind a jet engine, losing your child in a shopping mall. It's conventional, sorta, music, that has been beaten (almost) beyond recognition. Almost.


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kittyempire said...

Hey, I'm Australian and you know more about it than I do! I remember the label put out some Black Boned Angel stuff, but here is one of the all-time great 'ungoogleable' band names. On. Shame too, they coulda been massive.

I love the blown-out noisy stuff, I'm not sure if that makes me the wheat or the chaff. Thanks again.

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