Sunday, September 9, 2012

Liquid Limbs - Dichotomy

Label: Sound Study
Year: 2010

First Dude: You got stoner rock in my noise rock!
Second Dude: You got noise rock in my stoner rock!
Big Business: Um, hello? We're sitting right here and have been this whole time.
(end scene)
Do you like your noise rock played at half time with heaps of low end? Yes? Good, cause here it is.
Only two songs, but chances are you will return to them again and again. Two guys making a really big, full, sound, while successfully sounding like no other two guy band out there (meaning: no Black Keys, no Godheadsilo, no Black Cobra...but...I could have said Big Business had they remained a two piece). Highly recommended.
They have a Bandcamp page, you should say hello and buy something.



Susan said...

What do you have against the Black Keys?

Gray said...

No beef between Shiny Grey Monotone and the Black Keys, I'm actually a big fan, I was simply using them as an example of the two man band construct. The Black Keys are in a long line of two man blues rock outfits (Flat Duo Jets, Immortal Lee County Killers, White Stripes), and represent that sub-genre aptly for the sake of my comparison.

Fair enough?

Unknown said...

You had me at the first mention of Big Business

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