Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kurt - Schesaplana

Label: X-Mist
Year: 1998

I could have sworn I posted this record awhile back, but I looked, and it's not there (here). Curious.

Well, either way, here it is (again, for the first time), and it fits in nicely behind the Some Soviet Station record, as sonically they share some of the same touchstones. They also both were graduates from the Ebullition School Of Hardcore, so you'll have to excuse the occasional rolling-on-the-floor freakout, it's just in their blood. But fortunately for our sanity, Kurt tend to keep it between the lines, rocketing through a lot of start/stop riffs that end with driving moments of post-harDCore (please note the "DC") swells. The vocals keep it shouty and the band keeps it urgent, so really, what more do you want, you know?
If I were to continue the comparison to Some Soviet Station, I would say that Kurt take their songs down a faster, more raucous path, while Some Soviet Station were leading their tracks somewhere "poppier" and catchy. I'm sure your girlfriend would listen to both albums and say, "what's the difference, they both sound terrible to me? More importantly, did you not even NOTICE that I had my hair colored today?! Maybe if you spent less time fucking around with obscure bands no one will ever hear of, and more time paying attention to the real world..."(and it degenerates from there), but you will notice the difference.

Sorry your girlfriend's such a bitch.


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Anonymous said...


been looking for some from this band for a long time

MUCH appreciated!

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