Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Some Soviet Station - Some Soviet Station

Label: 2000
Year: Moodswing

This record was previous blogged (that never stops sounding queer, does it?) by Thee James Joyce on the Beyond Failure blog here, and his historical back story is worth a read, as usual.
I am posting here for two reasons:
1. If you do not currently, or have not previously lived within the metropolitan Atlanta area, or it's surrounding college town(s), then there is a good chance you have never heard this before.
2. If you have never heard this, you're sorely missing out, as it's not only a gem of the Atlanta post-hardcore scene, but it's a gem of the whole post-hardcore scene.
Some Soviet Station were really good at mixing the shouty Drive Like Jehu bits with the rollicking bits of Garden Variety, and a touch of Don Cabellero styled mathy-ness. You could make a case for some other bands in the mix as well, maybe June of 44, Hoover, The Crownhate Ruin, (Atlanta's own, and predecessors to Some Soviet Station) Hal al Shedad, Kerosene 454, Crain, Giants Chair...you see where this is going?
Point is, if you don't have this, you should fucking have this. Stop not having it.



Anonymous said...

this is pretty rad. thanks.

Sue said...

I think the Copa Vance album might need to go up next, while we're on the subject.

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