Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sinking Suns - Demo

Label: n/a
Year: 2012

This was posted on the Facebook page of Shiny Grey Monotone by the bassist cum vocalist of this very band, and with his (implied...which is legal enough) blessing, I'm posting it here.
Because if there was a quintessential noise rock touchstone these dudes don't hit on....well...I'll eat my hat (I've done it before). You like the gruff backwoods lyricism of Killdozer? Got 'em. You like the thudding bass-forward approach of Steel Pole Bath Tub? Got it? You like the needling twitches of Scratch Acid? Got 'em. You like the warped hardcore distortion of Crucifucks? Got it. You like the subtle melodies of Tar wrapped in a filthy towel? Got 'em.
Should I go on? Should I mention Big'N, Sicbay, Distorted Pony? Is that necessary?
For fuck's sake, the band is even from Madison, Wisconsin, I mean, what more do you want?!



Joe Syph said...

Almost a little too much like Killdozer.

Anonymous said...

Sheeeot Nucca, I'm from Madison too. Enough about that. Let's talk EPL and Man U sucka. First Berbatov. Three games in and he's played a few minutes? WTF. van Persie is on the injured roster? Called that shit. A wittle bump to the thigh in a WC qualifier and he's out? Totally worth 40 mil. Hit me back with your take on things, my man Gray.

kittyempire said...

Berbatov's gone to Fulham....

Gray said...

My favorite Berbatov related quote comes from an anonymous player:
“On one occasion I went sliding in to Dimitar Berbatov (I honestly thought I could win the ball) and afterwards the look on his face was one of total pity for me. He seemed saddened by the fact I had to resort to this, either because I wasn’t as good as him or my football education was so flawed. Actually I think it was both.”

I'm not sure what the fuck is going on at Fulham (admittedly I haven't seen any Fulham games only highlights so far this season...busy weekends and whatnot), but see he's played one half of one game, and taken exactly one shot. I wonder if he's regretting that Fiorintina snub now? I still root for him though, as I think when he's on, he's one of the best strikers in the game, regardless of accusations that he's lethargic or slow or whatever. He makes his way into opportunities, and he creates points, so I'm a fan, and wish he had been better utilized at Old Trafford.

As for van Persie...there seems to be some confusion as to which formation will suit him (and the glut of other strikers at Man U) and produce the most opportunity, without alienating the other talented wingers and midfielders to teh bench (Nani? Wlebeck?, Hernandez?). I think RvP is a talented player (although he needs to practice his headers), but I'm ulitimately perplexed with the top heavy nature of the Man U roster and how that is going to flesh out, and if it means Rooney is going to be edged out. Is RvP a pussy (he is Dutch after all)? Probably, but I'm hoping Sir Alex beats that out of him.

Enemy Lines said...

You absolutely have our blessing. Just trying to get the music out there for people to hear. Thanks for the kind words and linking it up.

Dennis/Sinking Suns

Anonymous said...

Yeah I only catch the 2 or 3 games a month on ESPN 2. It keeps it fresh that way. I'd get burned out watching it erryday on Fox Soccer.

It baffles my wee brain why Dimitar fell by the wayside last season. I love that quote too. I never felt his work ethic was lazy. He doesn't have blazing speed but his touches and goals speak for themselves. In short I agree, he's the man.

Personally I'd have been looking for new talent to shore up the aging and injury prone like Scholes and Ferdinand. They have goal scorers in spades. I don't see Rooney going anywhere. I think he'll finish his career with United. He's 3 years younger than van Persie as well.

Thanks dude. Brofist!

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