Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shameless Self-Promotion vol....something

Ok, so truth be told, the flurry of early Nineties hardcore posted here (and there's more to come), is a segue into my latest bout of self promotion.

Saturday, June 23rd in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the birthplace of the New Start hardcore scene, we will be "getting the band back together", for a one night only event, as part of a benefit for a local W-S guy who has been hospitalized following a particularly gnarly bike/car accident (guess which vehicle he was on/in).

The original lineup of Line Drive (the third or fourth best North Carolina straight edge hardcore band ever), and the subsequent lineup will be running through a full set of our greatest "hits", along with some other choice cuts. We will be joined by the spiritual leaders of the New Start scene, the Naked Angels, who will also be taking a trip down memory lane, hitting their high points, and Life Support, the band made up of ex-Line Drive, and ex-Naked Angels personnel tasked with "bringing it back" when hardcore was on the ropes.

There's a bunch of other bands playing, there's an art auction, and other curiosities to behold, but more than anything, it's a chance for a bunch of old friends who never get to see each other to get together and have some fun, and revisit an important time in our collective lives. It should be fun.

If you're within 300 nautical miles of downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina USA on Saturday, June 23rd, I expect to see you at Ziggys...more specifically...in the pit at Ziggys.


Jessica White said...

As a former Winston kid, I am so sorry that I cannot be there for that! I should probably dig out my old Camel City Bomb squad 7" that night for old times sake.

Anonymous said...

interested in seeing your North Carolina straightedge hardcore band rankings in full

Anonymous said...

Rob R. Rock has a sexy ass for an old man

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