Sunday, June 17, 2012

Face Value - Price Of Maturity

Label: Conversion
Year: 1991

I promise, I'm not turning this into a full-on early 90's hardcore circle jerk, but for a moment let's keep the hardcore hot hand going.
Face Value came down to our little city, to our little illegal, DIY club, and proceeded to annihilate all who had come before. Their live shows with that original lineup were beyond intense, they were epic. The band didn't get a lot of love from the hardcore scene at the time, they weren't straightedge, they weren't good looking, they didn't have "pretty parts" to their songs, and they weren't afraid to mix Motorhead in with their SSD assault. It was a lethal combination of straight ahead, blazing hardcore with dirty rock-n-roll, and on top of all that Tony Erba's vocals cut through it all with a voice completely unique in the genre. Seem like only now that you hear the name Face Value mentioned alongside the bigger names of the era, and it's well deserved. Go listen to "Outside Looking In" and tell me it's not as good as anything on the Gorilla Biscuits lp.
This record is their first lp (including some re-recorded compilation tracks), and the first 7" included at the end.



proven hollow said...

actually if you could...please turn this into a 90's hardcore circle jerk. you are on a roll with some solid hits. and haysoos knows i "need the action".

Blake said...

You know they are gonna be playing a show in Cleveland at the end of August. Classic stuff. Anything Tony Erba has been in is pure gold. H-100's, 9 shocks terror, Gordon Solie Mother Fuckers, Amps 2 Eleven...shit I could keep going

Gray said...

Yeah, we were talking with Face Value to play the show I mentioned in North Carolina, as they used to play there pretty regularly, but unfortunately, one member couldn't make the date.
Face Value and Tony Erba seriously do rule.

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