Monday, June 18, 2012

Line Drive - Unreleased 7"

Label: Unreleased
Year: 1995

Well Phil, you asked for it, you got it.

After releasing two unpopular 7"s on the New Start and 1124 Records labels, Line Drive decided the world was in dire need of a full length version of their (truth be told, 'our'), brand of hardcore. So the band decamped to Sleepless Nights Studio in Atlanta, Georgia to record the first batch of songs for that effort. During that session the three songs included here, plus a cover of Chain Of Strength's "True Til Death" (re-christened 'True Til Jeff', as it was to be included on a Jeff-J-Jawk covers compilation that never saw the light of day [predictably]), and an instrumental jam were put to tape. None were ever mastered, but the first track was later included on a cassette compilation that accompanied a copy of the fanzine Inside Front put out by Brian Dingledine of Catharsis and Crimeth Inc. fame, and also had songs by Integrity, Catharsis, and others. Good luck tracking that one down. There was a rumor of releasing these three songs as a 7" once we realized that the album was either a) taking too long, or b) never coming out because we were on the verge of breaking up, but obviously that didn't happen.

So, in celebration of Line Drive playing a show this coming weekend, and since they (again...'we') are going to be playing two of the songs off this unreleased record, so please commit them to memory prior to June 23rd.



proven hollow said...

now if we can only get lifeline (sc) and inkwell back together, i'm feeling a triple decker euro tour next summer.

Gray said...

It would be dubbed Parade Of The Horribles tour

proven hollow said...

"from your squats to our graves"
eastern-euro summer tour 2013

thuglifebaldwin said...

hey now, inkwell were pretty decent. still have a softspot for the fall on the floor and scream into your pickups stuff....

1124 said...

Hit me up. I'll send you a Triggerman LP.
I'm still looking for the mp3's for the 1st line drive 7".

TalK soon
Scott 1124

matt said...

the last band in the world that needs to get back together is lifeline. some horrid shit. haha.

jessica91980 said...

THANK YOU. I probably could have gotten this from Owen, but this is far more convenient, and will cost me less in booze. Lots less. You are making a homesick Winston girl feel much better.

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