Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Downcast - Downcast 7"

Label: Ebullition
Year: 1990

Another early 90's hardcore gem, and coincidentally, another really strong 7" (that's what she said) followed by a lackluster album. Both Headfirst and Downcast disappointed with albums that didn't quite live up to the intensity of the ep that preceded it.
That being said, this record is essential to any survey of third wave hardcore, there aren't many ways to better spend 9 minutes of your life.
Historical sidebar: Downcast played my local DIY, all ages, illegal venue in 1991, and as was the norm, when the hardcore got to rockin' the kids started to slam dancing (predating "mosh" by a couple seasons). Downcast singer Kevin Doss, reached out and targeted the most egregious dancing offender with a big, long, uncomfortable bear hug as the band continued blazing through whatever jam that had been previously blazing through. That was my first encounter with the "anti-dancing" factions that would soon wash over hardcore in an effort to rid the pits of America of "tough guys", and allow all those...tens...of women (excuse me, 'womyn') of the hardcore scene to return to their rightful place front and center (instead of in the back...holding my coat! [zinger! {but I jest}]), undulating just as awkwardly as the dudes were doing...to music that is scientifically designed to elicit a more physical response.
Good ole days?



Daniel said...

Hate comes easy,comes easy for you. When pushed to far, Hate comes easy for me toooooooooo!!!!!

Eazy Koney said...

Flawless 7".

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