Friday, June 8, 2012

Headfirst - Back In Control

Label: Workshed
Year: 1989

Alright...90's hardcore (technically 80's but what the fuck?) served up on a platter (7" platter mind you).
O.C.H.C. band Headfirst was as far as I'm concerned one of the best, and this 7" is an absolute essential gem in the genre. They took the best elements of the second wave west coast hardcore sound (think Haywire), and added more metal, more muscle, and more roar, sort of the same way Judge did on the east coast. It's a big, burly record...the best kind.
It was released on Dan O'Mahony's record label if that means anything to you (should), and the members of the band ended up in Smile, Downer, 411, Farside, Chicano Christ, Triggerman, God Forgot, and the like, if that means anything to you (should).



proven hollow said...

excellent record. unfortunately their LP was a bit of a stinker, although truthfully i kinda liked it in the same way i liked the uniform choice staring into the sun album. i remember taping this 7" and some one step ahead together on a cassette tape and they went very well together and the tape lived for years in my car. also what the fuck is up with these god damn captchas, holy shit what the fuck does that say?! i don't think my keyboard has that symbol.

Sven Christiansen said...

One of the very best HC 7"s of all time. In the 90s, I would have even told you it is THE one... Liked it so much, even my Band did a cover of "Self Edge" (see my Blog for DL)

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