Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sofy Major + Membrane - Split 12"

Label: Bigout
Year: 2012

I'm not trying to make a habit out of linking to Bandcamp sites, but as you well know, I don't condone pirating music, and when a band is out there busting their asses putting out records, touring, and giving it their all, and their music is as good as this, then I gotta send you to the source. Hopefully, you'll agree, you'll buy the record, and they will retire to mansions in the south of Spain, fanned to sleep in the soft Mediterranean breeze by olive-skinned beauties. That's my hope.
Sofy Major play the kind of really heavy noise rock I can't get enough of, the kind with elements of JJ Paradise Players Club, La Gritona, 16, Unsane, and Deadguy. They live on the border of hardcore, sludge, and noise rock, you know, not the nicest neighborhood, low resale values, and shitty public schools, but a raging block party every year.
Membrane bring more of the same, a suffocatingly hot blanket thrown over your head, followed by a barrage of blows raining down on you, coming from every direction. Are those fists? Was that a pipe? A bat?
Go listen, then go buy.



Curbstomp Your Enthusiasm said...

Did I mention that Uncle Touchy is touring with Sofy Major in Nov? Gray, you sir need to get a band together and play the Atlanta date with us.

Gray said...

I did not know that Uncle Touchy was touring with Sofy Major, but that's good news, real good news.

I would not hold your breath for any new musical projects being farted out of this asshole anytime soon, but maybe if you guys can learn Bob Seegar's "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man", I'll sing it with you. Deal?

Anonymous said...

this is good. good.

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