Monday, May 21, 2012

Author & Punisher - Ursus Americanus

Label: Seventh Rule
Year: 2012

Remember just a minute ago when I said I didn't want to make a habit out of linking to Bandcamp sites? Well, I didn't really keep me word. Apologies.
The thing is though, this record, and this "band" (not the right word, I know), are doing something so fucking incredible right now that you absolutely have to hear it, and support this innovative approach to making music by purchasing it. Crapping you negative, this is an ESSENTIAL purchase.
I will freely admit to being late to the Author & Punisher party, I had never heard of him until reading a review of this new album, and more importantly seeing video of Tristan Shone, the sole "member" of Author & Punisher in action. But that first video was mesmerizing to me, and since then I've tracked down everything I can find and watch of his works.
Short version of the story: metalhead guy is really smart, gets engineering degree, plays in metal bands, gets job in highly specialized technology lab, burns out on it, burns out on playing in metal bands, has opportunity to assist former professor/artist with installation in Finland, light bulb goes off that he can mere his two passions of music and engineering, begins fabricating instruments out of high grade materials in an effort to make "nasty bass tones", those machines evolve and make nastier and nastier bass tones, there is no need for traditional instrumentation, man and machine.
The easy version of the story is: if you like Godflesh, Sunn, Big Black, Skinny Puppy, Killing Joke, or the "drop" noises in a dubstep song, then you will eat this record up.
If you enjoy music that is both visceral and unique, then you will eat this record up. Promise.



Anonymous said...

Amen to every word. I just bought it, thanks for the link. I only wish the DVD were still available.

Anonymous said...

This dude is a MacArthur level genius working in the field of Godflesh music. Give him your fucking money already!

Anonymous said...

don't this stuff thuds enough. don't really care how he makes it (well it's interesting but doesn't make a difference as far as "the music" goes)

Anonymous said...

don't *think*

proven hollow said...

dear gray,
i find this quite interesting.
love, phil.

Anonymous said...

where's the guitar?

Gay. And I mean that in the homosexual sense.

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