Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rights Reserved - Rights Reserved 12"

Label: Assorted Porkchops
Year: 1996

The Late Bloomer demo (and more specifically the Scout talk) might have opened the floodgates to some mid-90's southeastern emo. Not sure yet, but this Rights Reserved 12" certainly gets the ball rolling in the right direction.
Rights Reserved were in the same little scene as Tonka, Unherd, Cornelius, Assfactor 4, Bedlam Hour, and later Eagle Bravo (next door neighbors to the little scene that had In/Humanity, Antischism, Initial State, Unpersons, and those types). It was a scene based in the college towns of North and South Carolina, that took the O.G.D.C. (Original Gansta District of Columbia...duh) emo sound and started tweaking it. They added noise, spastic freak-outs, math rock stutters, and straight hardcore muscle. Each band was a little different, but they all were pushing their music further out into new territory, each release was better than the last.
In particular, Rights Reserved were specialists in taking punchy, melodic hardcore, and layering on what were new emo stylings of the day; some big dynamics, some messy indie rock (they were from the Research Triangle area after all, so Polvo, Superchunck, Archers Of Loaf, and all them were right there), and luckily none of the squealing, roll-on-the-floor histrionics of some of their contemporaries.



Anonymous said...

Excellent band, please post any cornelius you may have.

proven hollow said...

they stayed at my house along with picasso trigger back in the day. they were very nice and made me spaghetti and then cleaned my entire house the next day. we also watched purple rain.

now lets get some picasso trigger up in this piece. mmmm...yummy.

Gray said...

Haven't I posted Picasso Trigger already? No? As a North Carolinian, I find that difficult to fathom, but will research this claim and make right what is wrong.

Probably need to check the Geezer Lake population around this blog too. You know, while I'm at it.

Also Phil, Line Drive and Naked Angels in W-S on June 23rd...uh...be there?

proven hollow said...

ah crap. i'm not sure i can find pants big enough in time for that. do they still sell cross colors? is this part of the whole new start posse anniversary reunion weekend? and will the score finally be even?

James Joyce said...

I would also like to find that Eagle Bravo LP. I passed it up at Gavin's for some reason 15 or so years ago and haven't found it since.

Scott Hicks said...

hey guys! its scott h. the girlishly voiced dude from rights reserved and eagle bravo. i have a fun thingy called 'totally slow' now, it's kinda like RR except i'm older. I have all that RR and EB shit digitized and would love to share it. just message me. My email is:

scott @ forcefieldnc dot com.

Would love to come to your town and make you spaghetti and clean your house!

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