Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Late Bloomer - Demo

Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

When someone says "ex-Scout" around here, it certainly gets more attention than maybe it does in 99.9% of the other households in America. Scott Wishart of Scout fame, Ostinato Grove fame, Such As fame, one half of the good-timin' Wishart brothers, Lunchbox Records honcho, and all around nice enough fellow, was a fixture in the Atlanta punk/hardcore music scene as I entered it (from the rear of course) in my early 90's college days. I was a a fan of his band Scout, and their mathy/emo/rock records, and then he started going into deeper mathy/indie territory, before ultimately going completely off the deep end and moving to South Carolina (the shittiest of all Carolinas). I will say, he eventually wised up and moved to the superior Carolina, North Carolina, where today he operates Lunchbox Records, and has had his hand (consonance!) in some fantastic releases from Atlanta's past (Car vs Driver, Fiddlehead, Scout, Inkwell, Hal al Shedad, etc), and Charlotte's present (Grids, Meth Mountain, etc.).
That aside, Scott is still playing drums, and most recently in this three piece throwback to the glory days of North Carolina indie rock. All ragged, and earnest, and catchy, the way they used to do it around Chapel Hill.



sunna. said...

Thanks for the kind words - an LP is in the works and will hopefully be out this year. - Scott

Linda said...

I wish for some Crain 7 inches. Can you post some maybe? Thanks.

lex dexter said...

Love Scout, love Freemasonry. Mourn the Hal al Shedad! Thanks as always.

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