Friday, April 13, 2012

choke their rivers with our dead - 2002 tour demo

i came across these boys and girl from charlotte,nc back in the days (remember that site?...when i'd read that it was "going out of business" treated it as if it were a 12 year old hairless vietnamese boy)

this was a self-released 4 song cd that was handed out whilst the band toured (though i had to send off for one)

and if'n you dig practically anything released on the robotic empire label (namely: city of caterpillar...pageninetynine...stop it!!)

the band broke up back in '03 i do believe...frontwoman cristina is now involved in two blip-blip-bleep-bleep type of bands (sonic death rabbit and wet mango)

as for the rest of the band...*shrugs*

(and if there are any hairless vietnamese boys out there that took some offense to my previously made comment...i do apologize...and to make up for any hard feelings...i've gone ahead and adopted a few of you)

DL: choke their rivers with our dead


Anonymous said...

Lucky for you I am hairy Vietnamese boy! Dao lai round eye!

Anonymous said...

here's some sonic death rabbit.

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