Friday, April 13, 2012

cardinale - 31:13

released 2006

are you a fan of palindromes?

have you ever listened to the song "in-a-gadda-vida" and found yourself wondering what it would sound like if...oh..i don't know...neurosis and pelican combined into one band and put out their own version? (just without the drum and organ solo)


also of note...this is the band's only recorded output...and they're linked to the bands dragbody and employer,employee and sea of thousand (it's ok to pretend that you know who they are)

DL: 31:13


Daniel said...

Ha ha I've actually seen them live,never heard their record though.

lizard johnny jewel said...

Any chance of further Cows re-ups for Chow, Slap Back, Woman Inside and The Missing Letter Is You?

I managed to see them live exactly once, at the Whiskey in LA. They were absolutely awe-inspiring -- a sprawling, clanging, explosive mess. Shannon had a massive penis felt-tipped on his torso, rising up from his trousers and slung over his shoulder. Whilst screeching "Woman Inside." One of my favourite gigs ever.

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