Tuesday, April 17, 2012


David Yow. Looking a 'lil John Lydon up there. Or something.

The name summons images of sweat and screaming, Olympic class crowd-surfing and frontal male nudity; cookie dough and food colouring; LSD and Texas; visceral and biting poetic ruminations on modern life and artfully wrought strings of profane bullshit smeared on everything including the walls; an almost gothic sense of Americana and a sort of good ol' boy urbanity; it's intelligence having coffee and cigarettes with absurdity; maybe even some of the very best things about the USA. Maybe?

Take a good look at the art he's producing these days right here.

The pastiche I present comes from a good few sources and includes most of the official collaborative efforts so far from Mr. Yow and accounted company save for his performance with the Didgits from an independent film and his track with Randy Wilson on the b-side of the Duelin' Firemen split single with the Boredoms.

I've included some live cuts, like Rapeman's live cover of ZZ Tops 'Just Got Paid' where he's present at the mic, howling along with Albini, in the way that he howls, amounting to at that particular point an 'almost' Scratch Acid reunion with Steve Albini on guitar; there's the live Cop Shoot Cop track where he's there singing their 'Money Drunk' on the last song of their set; there's even him singing with Local H on a train-wreck rendition of a Chicago song. Huge fun.

There's even his commentary on Tool's 'Schism', which is fucking gold.

This compilation includes:

00 Wrekmeister Harmonies - Pittsburgh (live)
01 Ventura - It's Raining on One of My Islands
02 Melvins & Yow - Blockbuster (the Jesus Lizard; btw, Sims' sang tJL's version on record.)
03 'Schism' Commentary
04 Ventura - le Petit Chaperon Beige
05 Pigface - The Bushmaster
06 Haze XXL - Infestation of Buffalo
07 Model/Actress - The Nodder
08 Haze XXL - White Boy
09 Geronimo - Facepeeler
10 Scratch Acid - the Greatest Gift (Metal Moo Cow version)
11 Melvins & Yow, Godzik Pink - Dry Drunk
12 Alexander Hacke - All American Happy Hour
13 David Yow - One Dyin' and a Buryin' (live Roger Miller cover)
14 Cop Shoot Cop - Money Drunk (live)
15 Pigface - Bushmaster (remix)
16 Helmet - Custard Pie (Led Zeppelin cover)
17 Local H - 25 or 6 to 4 (live Chicago cover)
18 Melvins & Yow - Smells Like Teen Spirit (live Nirvana cover)
19 Melvins & Yow - Okie From Muskogie (live Merle Haggard cover)
20 Rapeman & Yow - Just Got Paid (live ZZ Top cover)



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is the melvins+yow live? studio versions = okie is melvins+hank3, not yow and teen spirit is melvins+leif garret

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thanks for this post,Yow rules!

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