Thursday, April 12, 2012

Trans Am - Peel Session - 02-22-00

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2000

Three songs, even though four were broadcast. Where's the fourth one? I don't know, why don't you find it and place it at my feet when you do? Fair?
Trans Am are a tenuous proposition, they an easily over-think an idea and run it into the ground, or, they can lock into a groove so potent you want them to keep running on it for days. It might depend on how German you are as to how much you appreciate their style. My last name is "Kiser" by the German.
On this recording Trans Am have their guitars turned way up, and the drums are set to "bombastic" mode for a good portion of the set, which means an overly rockin' version of their selections. I'm always up for overly rockin', everybody knows that. For real, ask anybody. Ask that guy there, the one right there, he knows.



Anonymous said...

vorsicht! sonst kommt die polizei (zu sp├Ąt)...

* * e d o * * said...

awesome thank you
know your conjurer

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