Saturday, March 3, 2012

Thirty Ought Six - Hag Seed

Label: Mute
Year: 1995

Shiner vs Slint. That's my take.
Which translates to "mature" mid-90's emo, which further translates to "big dynamics, clean-if-not-traditionally-'good'- vocals, crescendos, earnestness, swelling guitar lines, and the like". You know what I mean, right?
From Portland, this band was a pretty good amalgamation of what was pretty good about a pretty good subgenre of emo/indie; which means they were actually pretty great. As in, if you like Shiner, then you will like this a lot. I do.
Trivia: Jeremy Enigk of Sunny Day Real Estate sings on two songs on this record (duets, technically).



Francis said...

Shiner vs. Slint? Sold!

lex dexter said...

Thanks for this. Slint-y also-rans are my wheelhouse, to be sure. Also I like some Shiner a lot, although I'm more consistently a fan of Giant's Chair - and particularly the impossible-to-find "Purity and Control" LP - when it comes to KC emo.

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