Friday, March 2, 2012

optimum wound profile - lowest common denominator

released 1992

remember industrial music?

bands with names like ministry and kmfdm and nine inch nails and skinny puppy were all the rage

and then it just seemed to disappear after hitting it's stride in the mid-90s

it's probably for the best musicians these days would probably just mess it up (ie: dubstep)...or just become parodies of themselves (ie: al jourgensen)


this was one of those bands that came out during the genre's heyday

this would fit in with your THE MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO TASTE and ANGST and BROKEN and LAST RIGHTS albums on the shelf quite nicely

do you know what doesn't fit in?

you into those leather pants that you've somehow managed to keep since 1990

though it is pretty awesome that you still have that revolting cocks t-shirt from their BEER STEERS & QUEERS tour

DL: lowest common denominator

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