Thursday, March 1, 2012

nirvana - 3.1.94 - terminal einz - munich,germany

on this date in the year 1994...this happened

the last show

1 - my best friend's girl (1)
2 - radio friendly unit shifter
3 - drain you
4 - breed
5 - serve the servants
6 - come as you are (cut short)
7 - come as you are contd.
8 - sliver
9 - dumb
10 - in bloom
11 - about a girl
12 - lithium
13 - pennyroyal tea
14 - school
15 - polly
16 - very ape
17 - lounge act
18 - rape me
19 - territorial pissings
20 - the man who sold the world (2)
21 - all apologies
22 - on a plain
23 - heart-shaped box

1=the cars cover
2=david bowie cover

DL: nirvana @terminal einz


Anonymous said...

Eager to hear this, but requires users to sign up before they DL. Would you consider using a different service? Mediafire is great from the user end. Thanks.

ipecac said...

i don't know why 4shared is making people sign up before they doesn't seem to be happening all the time

as for using may or may not have read that they totally wiped out mine and grAy's i don't see myself going back to that

as for grAy...he does what he wants...i mean...did you see that painting on the wall out in the waiting room?...he just did that

lizard johnny jewel said...

@ipecac -- maybe they are on a membership recruitment drive.

O Shiny Grey One, I see that more recent posts link to a different service... any chance of re-upping this one elsewhere? Pretty Polly please?

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