Wednesday, February 29, 2012 - majesty

released 1995

i was going to post this album...but it turns out that grAy had already done that back in '09...and seeing as how the great mediafire of 2012 destroyed everything...i'm going to lend him a hand by re-posting it along with his original write up

because that's what we do around here at the SGM...we lend hands...even when you don't want them (but the only time we've really ever come across some not wanting the hand lended has been in public restrooms...i guess it's true what they say: what happens in SGM stays in SGM)

and now...grAy's words: (as posted on 4.22.09)

For a split second, Richmond, Virginia was the hot shit of the greater hardcore/punk rock world. It was in the middle 90's about the time Sam McPheeters moved there, Buzzov*en moved there, even the girl from Spitboy moved there for a minute, and they had a really cool artsy/weird/noisy punk scene going to accent their established hardcore scene (Avail, Four Walls Falling, Kilara, Action Patrol, Askance, etc...oh yeah, and Gwar, can't forget those retards). The Capitol of the Confederacy was really cooking.
Right there in the middle of that noisy scene was Hose.Got.Cable, who took the immediacy of hardcore, and wrapped it in the twitching song structures of math rock. I don't think that won them a ton of fans, but it assured them that those people who liked it, really liked it.
I only managed to catch them once live, in a living room in Athens, Georgia when they were touring with Men's Recovery Project (who incidentally canceled en route to the show), and I remember them being incredibly intense, especially in light of the show being in a living room in front of 15 or so people, when the headliner is a no-show. They could have bagged it, but they fought the good fight and won my respect (which is worth...not too much I would imagine).
The band members were in, or went on to be in: Gingwin, Nudibranch, Orlock, As It Stands, Groove, RPG, Alabama Thunderpussy, Fatty Love (which had future Lamb Of God folks), Hgual, The Catholic Church, Mens Recovery Project, and the Rah Brahs.
Also the last song on here is credited as "Untitled", but it's a live cover of Joy Division's "Transmission".

DL: majesty


Will said...

Can we have some Retisonic EPs, please?

Anonymous said...

a lot of the albums/releases uploaded can still be found on mediafire (other uploads) - this one included.

Anonymous said...

I remember these guys. Still have the disc! Good one.

James Joyce said...

My band played with them at a house in Richmond on the end of a Summer tour in '94 that had us on the bill with every far superior band of that time (Angel Hair, The Yah Mos, Friction, Current, etc.). We just went home and made sure to get better for next time. Hose Got Cable was really one of the best from that year. The complete discography is also great, although this album is the best.

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