Monday, February 27, 2012

born against - 5.15.91 - wfmu - jersey city,nj

well...simply by you taking the time out of your day to read're obviously a fan of born against

or you just needed something to read while you're sitting on the toilet with your laptop

either/or...this is a fairly decent recording of a little something the band did on the radio back when radio was worth listening to

good times

1 - test pattern
2 - jock gestapo
3 - shroud
4 - xmas eve
5 - alive with pleasure
6 - mary and child
7 - witness to a rape
8 - born again
9 - well fed fuck

DL: born against @wfmu


Anonymous said...

WFMu is still worth listening to, SGM. Lotsa free downloads on their website too for example Psychic Paramount last summer:

Anonymous said...

I always find it quite frustrating to enter my password while taking a crap since it includes a few Shift^ characters which are hard to type one-handed. I should really get a coffee table near the crapper.

Women jerseys said...

oh wow, this looks great!

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